MemHog tries to fill up your Pilot's database memory until only the amount of free memory that you specify is left. It isn't always quite exact, but serves its purpose, which is to allow programmers to test their applications under low-memory conditions.

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The top of the screen displays:

  • Total memory. The amount of RAM on your Pilot available for database storage.
  • Free Memory. The amount of free RAM available for database storage.
  • Without Memhog. Approximately how much memory would be free if Memhog weren't using any.

At the bottom of the screen is:

  • Target Free Mem. Enter here the amount of free RAM you would like for MemHog to leave.
  • Set Target. Press this to make MemHog attempt to use up all but the amount of memory that you specified.
  • Set Max Free. Press this to cause MemHog to release all of its memory.

As with any utilty that stresses your PalmPilot, please be careful. Many applications do not handle low memory situations very well, and can cause nasty errors.

Release Notes

V1.0 - 19 July, 1999 - Initial release

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