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LookAngles for PalmOS

Download and Try Register It (US$20)

LookAngles is a PalmOS application designed to help you locate geostationary satellites in the sky. If you know the latitude and longitude of your location it can be used from anywhere in the world. Within the United States you need only know the name of your location or a valid Zip Code.

Some features of LookAngles include:

  • Over 200 satellites are listed in the default database, with the ability to add, edit and delete them.
  • Text notes can be attached to each satellite.
  • Fast place name and Zip Code lookup is available for locations within the United States
  • Both magnetic and true North are supported using the WMM2000 geomagnetic model.
  • Satellites can be listed either alphabetically or in order of ascending longitude.

Unregistered, LookAngles is fully functional but will only operate for 7 days and then will no longer work and should be deleted (or registered.) If all you want to do is to use LookAngles to align your DirecTV dish once then there's really no point in registering it. If, on the other hand, you find it to be a useful tool that you will use on a regular basis I would ask you to register it (US$20). Your registration code will work with any future versions of LookAngles.