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As a rule, if an image on this site appears in an informational frame, then it has been 'flipped' to appear as it does in the sky. Otherwise, it appears just as it does through the ETX eyepiece which, because of the diagonal mirror, is reversed with respect to the true "sky" view.

Best Images - These are some of the best that I've taken.

Messier Objects - I seem to have gotten it into my head that I should try to get shots of as many Messier objects as I can.

Images and experiments day-by-day:

(Apologies to Liem Bahneman for pretty much just copying his "diary" format.)

Jun 19, 2001 Another view of Mars.
Jun 14, 2001 Mars again.
Jun 10, 2001 More Mars.
Jun 7, 2001 Mars opposition. Woo. Woo.
Dec 2, 2000 Jupiter and Saturn - longer exposures.
Nov 8, 2000 Jupiter and Saturn
Oct 25, 2000 More 3x Barlow shots: Jupiter, Saturn and Alpha Pisces
Oct 23, 2000 M31, M76 and Jupiter (3x barlow!)
Sept 23, 2000 Jupiter w/GRS. Best shot yet
Sept 10, 2000 Jupiter and Saturn.
Sept 7, 2000 More moon.
Sept 6, 2000 More hi-res Moon shots.
Sept 5, 2000 Triesnecker.
Aug 23, 2000 Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon. Nice shots.
Aug 20, 2000 A couple of clusters. Not very impressive.
Aug 17, 2000 Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and some open clusters
Aug 16, 2000 M11
Jul 22, 2000 Some Southern nebulae. M8, M16, M17
Jul 20, 2000 Planetaries. M57 and M27.
May 29, 2000 Globular hunt. M13, M5, M3, M53
May 12, 2000 First try at some moon shots
Jan 29, 2000 galaxy M81 and M82
Jan 12, 2000 The Crab again.
Dec 8, 1999 More Messier objects.
Dec 7, 1999 The Crab nebula and some open clusters.
Dec 2, 1999 jupiter Jupiter with the GRS.
Dec 1, 1999 Ooooh. M42 and M36.
Nov 28, 1999 jupitersaturn M15, M31, Jupiter and Saturn
Nov 23, 1999 saturnjupiter Good Jupiter and excellent Saturn images. New image capture software.
Nov 11, 1999 saturn Good M31 image this time. Plus my best Saturn yet.
Nov 9, 1999 M31! Well, sorta...
Nov 4, 1999 jupitersaturn 9 image series of a double moon/shadow transit on Jupiter. Nice Saturn shot.
Nov 1, 1999 jupitersaturn NGC457 again, but this time at f/6. Also Jupiter and Saturn.
Oct 28, 1999 jupitersaturn An open cluster, as well as another good Jupiter shot. So-so Saturn image.
Oct 27, 1999 saturnjupiter Better detail on Jupiter and a nice shot of Saturn
Oct 21, 1999 jupiterbinarysaturn Got my laptop! Went outside! Whoa!
Oct 16, 1999 saturn Oooh. Crash and burn.
Oct 12, 1999 jupiter Wow! Got a great time lapse series of Jupiter, Io and the Great Red Spot.
Oct 11, 1999 saturn More stable mount. Nice image of Saturn.
Oct 7, 1999 doublejupiter Tried a binary star. Also played with very short exposures of Jupiter.
Oct 6, 1999 jupitersaturn Better. Got some pretty sharp images. New processing idea, too.
Sept 23, 1999 saturnjupiter More playing with the barlow. Haven't gotten it quite right, yet.
Sept 20, 1999 saturn Bad seeing. Bad focus. Oh well.
Sept 18, 1999 jupitersaturn More prime focus images of Saturn and Jupiter. Took about 50 frames of each.
Sept 14, 1999 saturnjupiter Better shot of Saturn. Attempt at using the barlow on Jupiter.
Sept 13, 1999 Jupitersaturn First light for the QuickCam

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