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November 9, 1999

OK, I couldn't resist. It wasn't amazingly dark, but I wanted to try to get a shot of M31. I figured that by shooting at f/6 (with my finderscope focal reducer) I might be able to get something. Focusing and centering was a bit of a task, but I managed it and took 12 exposures. Unfortunately, my dark frames weren't very dark. Apparently, the black piece of foam that I held over the objective was brighter than the sky. I'll have to figure something out.

Anyway, what with the bad dark frames and only 12 exposures the image isn't so great, but here's what I got:


There's certainly something fuzzy there (and M32 too?), but any 'detail' is just noise in the image. I'll have to try this with a lot of frames and better darks and see what happens.

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