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October 6, 1999

I've changed my processing scheme a little bit. Now I test the sharpness of a frame by using its power spectrum to determine high frequency content instead of the previous RMS pixel/neighbor difference. It agrees much better with what I "eyeball."

Also, I've stopped unsharp masking images and instead am using a method of my own which involves using the image's Fourier transform to emphasize certain spatial frequencies over others. I'll write it up in the processing section when I get a chance.

Good seeing today (and focus, too.)

saturn - 40 frames
Composite of 40 frames of Saturn with 2x barlow. You can see the ring is made of 2 distinct pieces, but can't make out the Cassini division.

Jupiter - 40 frames
Composite of 40 frames of Jupiter with 2x barlow.

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