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September 10, 2000

Got up early to take a crack at Jupiter and Saturn. I mistakenly thought that the GRS would be visible (mistook today for yesterday, I think.) Anyway, I'm focusing a lot more carefully than I'd been and have decided that a major portion of what's left in terms of fuzziness is coming from vibrations in the ETX clock drive. This morning I tried 'jogging' the guide button. This causes the drive to "burp" a bit, making for a potential bad frame if it gets taken during the move, but followed by a couple of good frames as the drive waits to start up again. At 15 arcsec per second, a 1/30 sec exposure only drifts .5 arcsec while the drive is just sitting there, which is acceptable.

Anyway, this is my current theory, and I'm sticking with it until I change my mind.

Oh, and I'm displaying images twice as big as I've been. Halving the sizes makes them look sharper, but it seems like a crutch.

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